The Knitted Sculptures of Nicola Gibson

I first saw the knitted sculptures of Nicola Gibson in the Machine Knitting group on Facebook a short time ago and was instantly impressed. Her knitted sculptures were unusual, intricate and visually appealing. I knew that Nicola Gibson would have a great story to tell. Nicola works in Norwich, in the UK, where she has been based since graduating from Norwich University of the Arts in 1998. She started a business under the name of ‘Colabean Curiosities’ in 2009 after [...]

House of Lavene

Machine Knitting with Anne at the House of Lavene We have all come to know the beautiful work of Anne Lavene and the House of Lavene through the Machine Knitting Facebook pages. I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to Anne herself and to learn a little about how she began in the world of machine knitting. Anne Lavene lives in Kent in the south of the UK. She has been machine knitting for around 37 years. She knits [...]

The Christine Shawl

The Christine Shawl by Christine B Linfield We have all come to recognise the ‘Christine Shawl’ and there have been so many beautiful variations and adaptations passing through the Facebook pages that I was, and I am sure you are, curious as to the story behind this fabulously flexible pattern and it’s designer: Christine B Linfield. Christine B Linfield lives and works on the south coast, UK, near to Portsmouth. She is now retired, being 65 this year, but still does [...]

The Berkshire Machine Knitting Group

Nora Phillips and the Berkshire Machine Knitting Group Earlier this year I was incredibly honoured to be asked to speak about my knitwear designs at the Berkshire Machine Knitting Group in May. I was invited to speak by the club’s Chairperson, Nora Phillips, who I have had the pleasure of getting to know through the Machine Knitting group on Facebook. So of course, I wanted to know more about Nora and the club, and I thought this was a great [...]

Creative Knitting with Judith Hirsch

Well, this month has been chaotic so far! I love to write the Knitting Stories, and I hate when things get in the way. Judith Hirsch and I had conversations a few weeks ago, and I really loved her story. And at last, I find the opportunity to share it with you! You may have met Judith in the Facebook groups and seen some examples of her very creative knitting style. Judith Hirsch lives in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, and [...]

Knitting Designs with Marianne Cant

Let me introduce you to some knitting designs from a very talented craftsperson and designer, Marianne Cant. We have all seen Marianne’s machine knitting designs in this group which are truly inspiring, and Marianne has an even bigger story to tell. As I read Marianne’s Knitting Story it became apparent they we shared many knitting experiences, as most of us knitters have, but at the same time, it is the uniqueness and individuality of each of our stories that [...]

Hand Knitting and Machine Knitting

Hand Knitting and Machine Knitting: A Great Combination by Ilona Maroziene As you know, most of my modern knitwear designs and patterns, both for machine knitting and hand knitting, are very simple and basic. I recently came across the work of Ilona Maroziene and her designs are far from basic. They are beautifully and intricately worked designs which must take Ilona hours of work to complete. So I would like to share with you the Knitting Story of Ilona Maroziene. Ilona [...]

Img2track and Tanya Cunningham

Whether you are a member of the Facebook knitting groups or a fan of Ravelry, or both, you will no doubt have been introduced to Tanya Cunningham and img2track. There is a Facebook group dedicated to img2track which is a relatively recent program developed by Tanya and her team that facilitates loading images as patterns into Brother electronic knitting machines. A successful Knitting Story in itself, but I am also fortunate enough to be able to share with you [...]