Are You a Rectangular Body Shape?

You Are What You Knit A Guide to Knitting for your Shape and Style Are you a Rectangular Body Shape? We spend hours with our knitting machines and needles, using all our experience, knowledge and skills to knit up our latest garment; whether it is a complicated structure and pattern or our hundredth scarf! Often we are knitting for others: family or clients; but when we are knitting for ourselves, wouldn’t it be great if we knew exactly what to knit for [...]

Are you an Apple Body Shape?

You Are What You Knit A Guide to Knitting for your Shape and Style Are you an Apple Body Shape? We want to look as good as we can in our clothes, especially when we have spent hours at our knitting machines, or with our needles to produce our latest piece. Last time I talked I mentioned that the initial step was to recognise which body shape we are and then knit according to our shape for the best results. So which [...]

Which Shape Are You?

You Are What You Knit A Guide to Knitting for your Shape and Style Which Shape Are You? It’s not about height or weight when it comes to dressing to suit your body shape. Yes, age may play a large part, but that’s ok. Hopefully our taste in clothes changes are we mature. The main thing to consider is proportion and how to accentuate your proportions to your advantage. So, which shape are you?   If we want to categorise body shapes then we [...]

German Knitting Patterns

My eyes were opened recently to the possibility of having my knitting patterns translated into the German language for the German knitting market. I was thrilled! I could create German Knitting Patterns. I had often thought about the possibilities of translation, and having learned the Italian language over a number of years, this is where my thoughts lay. But then I was introduced to a very talented lady called Kirsten Schreiweis. And so the translation from English to German knitting [...]

The Knitted Sculptures of Nicola Gibson

I first saw the knitted sculptures of Nicola Gibson in the Machine Knitting group on Facebook a short time ago and was instantly impressed. Her knitted sculptures were unusual, intricate and visually appealing. I knew that Nicola Gibson would have a great story to tell. Nicola works in Norwich, in the UK, where she has been based since graduating from Norwich University of the Arts in 1998. She started a business under the name of ‘Colabean Curiosities’ in 2009 after [...]