German Knitting Patterns

German Knitting Patterns

My eyes were opened recently to the possibility of having my knitting patterns translated into the German language for the German knitting market. I was thrilled! I could create German Knitting Patterns.

I had often thought about the possibilities of translation, and having learned the Italian language over a number of years, this is where my thoughts lay. But then I was introduced to a very talented lady called Kirsten Schreiweis. And so the translation from English to German knitting patterns began.

Kirsten had seen my FREE guide on ‘How to Design, Write and Convert your own Knitting Patterns’ on my Facebook page and very kindly suggested that it may be a great idea to translate it for the German market which is where she lives. I jumped at the chance and Kirsten had it translated within the week for which I am truly grateful.

Kirsten has aready been busy creating and producing a series of videos, some in German and some in English, related to techniques in machine knitting. She runs a successful blog which again, is written in both German and English. You can find her at Die Strickschmiede.

From translating my guide she has gone on to translating the machine knitting pattern for the Cowgirl Hoody which has been a favourite from my Autumn Collection published earlier this year.

So the German version of the Cowgirl Hoody pattern is available by the link above, and the German guide you can find by clicking the link below. It’s kind of an experiment to see what sort of response we get, then who knows. I am open to suggestions as to other translations that would be useful. Spanish maybe? Italian? But as far as our German experiment goes, I will keep you posted.

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