New Knitting Patterns

New Knitting Patterns

new knitting patterns

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new knitting patterns

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New Knitting Patterns on their way!

We hope you haven’t broken your New Year’s resolutions already!

Welcome back to a fresh new year with Marianne and myself and we are very excited with what is in store. 2017 was a great year and ended with the news of Marianne joining forces with Yeoman Yarns to create some new knitting patterns knitted in their yarns and then available to you as a ‘kit’ making starting a project even more simple! So, this will be starting very soon this year, just keep your eye on these newsletters to find out more.

Marianne also has some fairs she is attending this year, the Machine Knitting Live in March at Bournemouth and then the All Knitting Show in April at Nottingham. Again, keep reading these newsletters to find out more about what Marianne will be doing there and check out the Machine Knitting Monthly website too.

To kick start the year there is a new HK and MK pattern!!

First the HK:

This is The Trinity Jacket! It is knitted in a chunky yarn, the example being in this beautiful teal colour, a lovely fresh and upbeat colour to lift your spirits in January. The stitch pattern is called the Trinity Stitch, but it is also known as the Cluster Stitch/ Bramble Stitch/ Raspberry Stitch/ Blackberry Stitch; some of you might already know it as one of these names. It can be a more challenging stitch but don’t let that put you off, this could be your new change to start your year of knitting off with! You just have to make sure you can continue in pattern when increasing or decreasing so might have to take a little bit of concentration knitting in some parts.

The collar is knitted with the pattern on the outside when folded up, but if you would prefer it to lie on the outside and fold back then you can easily change the pattern, make it your own!

If you would like to start the year of by knitting The Trinity Jacket… Click Here!
Second of our new knitting patterns is the MK pattern:

Here is The Peppermint Coat. It is knitted on the mid gauge machine and is a very simple pattern, one you can quickly churn out for your first project of the year! It comes in sizes S,M,L,XL and no ribber is needed! Even better!

There are great schematics with the pattern with all the measurements so you can easily convert it to a different gauge machine, available for everyone. It is knitted in this gorgeous ‘Poodle’ yarn, which has a lovely fresh peppermint colour (hence the name). A lovely uplifting colour to start January in. Plus the coat is a very trendy style.

If you machine knitters would like to start the year with this knit… Click Here!

So, that is all for our first newsletter back, we hope you all have a wonderful year full of knitting.

Keep being inspired!

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