Monthly Archives - February 2018

Sweater Wear

Alice Noble Marianne Henio Sweater Wear The cold weather is still upon us, and sweaters are the best casual look so I will be showing you the MK Capricorn Sweater and the HK Sloppy Lace Sweater wear today. The Capricorn Sweater, a really simple garment but holds lots of character. It is knitted in a fine 3 ply boucle yarn on quite a loose tension, this creates a really beautiful fabric. Maybe you have some 3 ply yarn left in your stash that would [...]


Cables and Swirls

Alice Noble Marianne Henio Cables and Swirls I have two cables and swirls patterns for you to look at today, of course one HK and one MK. Lets start with the HK. Who doesn’t love a good cabled sweater?! They are the heart of knitting, don’t you think? The Cable Smock sweater The sweater pictured here is the Cable Smock Sweater, which as you can see has a big beautiful cable down the front and down the back too. It also has amazing little cables [...]