Cables and Swirls

Cables and Swirls

Alice Noble

Marianne Henio

Cables and Swirls

I have two cables and swirls patterns for you to look at today, of course one HK and one MK. Lets start with the HK.

Who doesn’t love a good cabled sweater?! They are the heart of knitting, don’t you think?


The Cable Smock sweater

The sweater pictured here is the Cable Smock Sweater, which as you can see has a big beautiful cable down the front and down the back too. It also has amazing little cables in the rib border around the bottom which is actually knitted separately and attached afterwards.

Cables can be scary to newbies to knitting and even to more advanced knitters too. I have knitted plenty of socks, jumpers, baby clothes, blanket all sorts and not really done much cable work. But they are nothing to be afraid of, especially in Marianne’s patterns as they are really easy to follow (trust me, I know from first hand experience).

Cable is basically twisting the stitches. You will need a cable needle in order to do this and then you just follow the pattern to when it tells you to cable, hook the cable stitches onto the cable needle, reknit them back to your main needle, and there you have it.

This Sweater is a great starter, as it is knitted in a chunky yarn with size 10mm needles so nice big knitting where you can see what you are doing and will knit up really quick for those advanced knitters.

Plus! Imagine the colours you could knit it in too! If you would like to practice your cables then here is The Cable Smock Sweater!

Along with cables everyone wants one of those coats you can throw on over anything and wrap around you! Sometimes they are a great way to hide from the world!


The Mocha Swirl Coat

Here is the Mocha Swirl Coat, an absolute beauty, do you agree?

The coat is nearly floor length which is a really stylish look, and it has an amazing twist in the bottom.Marianne has been really creative with this one!
It is a great way of taking a simple design and making it extra special and you would really impress everyone with it. The details of how to create the swirl are in the pattern book and knowing Marianne it will be really easy to follow!

The coat is knitted in a fine 3 ply mohair. Of course, if mohair doesn’t agree with you (I know someone who would never wear it) you could change to any other type of 3 ply yarn.

The sort of burnt, autumn colour of this yarn is simply gorgeous, and would be perfect to wear over any casual look. I wonder what colour you would knit it?

For the last bit of detail, you will need a ribber for the sleeves and the collar, which is a statement in itself. The rest is knitted in stocking stitch.

To make a statement of your outfit with the Mocha Swirl Coat… Click Here!

I hope that you are inspired to knit cables, twists and swirls to really jazz up your collection of knits!

Keep being inspired!

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