Sweater Wear

Sweater Wear

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Sweater Wear

The cold weather is still upon us, and sweaters are the best casual look so I will be showing you the MK Capricorn Sweater and the HK Sloppy Lace Sweater wear today.

Sweater wear

The Capricorn Sweater, a really simple garment but holds lots of character.

It is knitted in a fine 3 ply boucle yarn on quite a loose tension, this creates a really beautiful fabric. Maybe you have some 3 ply yarn left in your stash that would work, it doesn’t have to be a boucle, although it does create amazing fabric.

The shape of the sweater wear is what makes it unique, the front has a beautiful arch which really accentuates the figure. It also makes this simple garment a bit more interesting and original. Also the sweater has a dropped shoulder and straight sleeves which makes it really comfortable to wear. It comes in sizes XS to XXL.

This sweater was first a part of the Winter Collection (and still is there now) which is a great collection containing 10 patterns in one. If you would like to have a look at that collection… Click Here!

If you like to add detail to your outfits then this sweater looks great with big jewellery as seen in the images here. Maybe you could knit some rows with the same yarn and create a necklace for it!

If you would like to knit The Capricorn Sweater…Click Here!

The Sloppy Lace Sweater, literally says it all, it is big and comfy and has amazing lace sleeves. The shape is really simple – just two panels for the front and back and two sleeves. The lace work might look a bit tricky but it really isn’t (talking from first hand experience). Once you get into the pattern it is really easy to pick up and just knit.

Oversized jumpers are a really great casual look, especially with jeans or trousers. The Sloppy Lace Sweater is also knitted in a super chunky yarn, which means it is quick to knit and super warm and cosy to wear.

For a little twist the grey and cream on the front and back panel are swapped, with the proportions being 1/3 to 2/3. You could knit yours any way your want, maybe all one colour or maybe more stripes, make it your own!

Sweater wear

So, if get knitting your new oversized sweater today with The Sloppy Lace Sweater!

Also I have a little treat for you, Marianne has created a little video showing a display of Henio patterns and why modern knitting patterns are great! I have linked it below, so please have a watch and remember to subscribe to Marianne’s YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on new content!

Keep being inspired!

Click here for Marianne’s video…

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