Using Your Yarn Stash

Using Your Yarn Stash

Using Your Yarn Stash

Yarn Stash

Stash Buster Poncho

I have two patterns today that you can use your yarn stash for and get creative with!

For the machine knitters this is the New Stash Buster Poncho!

As the name suggests the idea is to use any yarns you have in your stash. We all know as knitters we are yarnaholics, and therefore hoard loads of yarn. This poncho is designed so that you can use any size, colour or textured yarn you have, however little it might be.

You can create your own colourways, with yarns ranging from 1 ply to Dk. It is lots of fun pairing yarns together and seeing them create a new fabric on the machine!

There are some creative ideas in the pattern on how to add to and alter the pattern to suit your own requirements and use them in this poncho. It can be a great addition to your wardrobe as you can match it up to anything you already have by choosing the appropriate yarns from your stash.

Yarn Stash

Oxo Sweater

It is knitted on the mid-gauge machine, but it can also be knitted on any other gauge machine. The schematics with measurements show that it is a very simple design idea which can be adapted easily, even if you are just starting out. Maybe this will make a great start out project, especially for budding designers!

Here is The Stash Buster Poncho!

For the hand knitters I have the OXO Sweater.

This is another great knit that you can use anything from your stash for! The idea is that it is made up of boxes for the front, back and sleeves, reminding us of the game naughts and crosses.

Therefore each box could be a different colour! You could get really creative pairing yarns and colours together that will make a great patchwork effect in this knit. The Oxo Sweater has the seams on the outside giving another unusual twist and extra design detail.

If you would like to give it a go… Click Here!

Yarn Stash

Alice Noble

Keep being inspired!

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