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The knitting story behind the ‘henio’ label goes back to my roots. Henio is my family name, Marianne is my first name. Henio originated from when my father came from Poland to this country in 1945 and signed his papers with his first name of Henryk, ‘henio’ for short. This was to become the family name.

The design of the lettering which makes up the ‘henio’ logo represents the knitted stitch. My knitwear designing career spans back 30 years to when I bought my first knitting machine to knit clothes for my new born son. I soon saw the possibilities that knitting with a machine opened up for me, and I haven’t looked back since. I design for both the hand and machine knitting markets as I am passionate about them both.

At the age of 30 I returned to education gaining a Degree in Art & Design History, followed by a Masters Diploma in the Theory of European Culture. Continuing to work in the fields of art, design and fashion up to the present day has taken me down many interesting paths and I continue to be inspired by our world of colour, shapes, styles and yarns.

Up until recently I have concentrated on bespoke designer knitwear for clients. The creation of HenioCreative Ltd combines my passion for knitting with my discovery of the world of digital publishing. Having self published my first ebook successfully a few years ago, I have turned these skills into the business of publishing knitting patterns for the hand and machine knitting markets.

My love of the subject of knitwear design has never wained, and I remain as passionate today with my new pattern designing business as I was 30 years ago when I knitted my first babysocks.


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