Knitting Inspiration

New Knitting Patterns

Marianne Henio Alice Noble                     2018! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! New Knitting Patterns on their way! We hope you haven’t broken your New Year’s resolutions already! Welcome back to a fresh new year with Marianne and myself and we are very excited with what is in store. 2017 was a great year and ended with the news of Marianne joining forces with Yeoman Yarns to create some new knitting patterns knitted in their yarns and then available to you as a ‘kit’ making starting a project [...]


Russian Coat

Russian Coat Another Russian coat sold and another sad to see go! The ‘To Russia with Love Cardy Coat’ was designed for the All Womens Achievers Awards Ceremony last July when I was asked to prepare a set of designs for the catwalk show. My inspiration for this Russian coat came from the full length, huge collared Russian coat style, like the Russian sable furs of Marc Kaufman, New York, or the magnificent white Russian coat modelled by South African super [...]


Asymmetrical Dress

Asymmetrical Dress I know many of you have knitted the Aquarius Jacket and I love seeing your choice of colours and interpretations. But have you tried the Aquarius Dress – a beautiful asymmetrical dress? My inspiration for the jacket came from the fact that the asymmetrical style and shape is a very, very flattering one! No matter what your body shape, asymmetry is the key to either accentuating, diminishing, or exaggerating your shape in certain areas, and at the [...]