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Which Shape Are You?

You Are What You Knit A Guide to Knitting for your Shape and Style Which Shape Are You? Capricorn Sweater It’s not about height or weight when it comes to dressing to suit your body shape. Yes, age may play a large part, but that’s ok. Hopefully our taste in clothes changes are we mature. The main thing to consider is proportion and how to accentuate your proportions to your advantage. So, which shape are you? Aquarius Jacket   If we want to categorise body shapes [...]


Translating Knitting Patterns with Kirsten Schreiweis

The Story of German/English Speaking Kirsten Schreiweis Kirsten Schreiweis and I became friends very recently. And what a lovely and talented friend. Having published my first free guide, ‘How to Design, Write and Convert your own Knitting Patterns’, I was approached by Kirsten with a view to translating knitting patterns and the guide into her native tongue of German. The 6500 word guide has now been translated and is already available to the German market! Kirsten is not only talented, [...]